About Save the Yarn – byKrøjer

Hello I am the founder/owner of Save the Yarn – byKrøjer. The truth is that yarn is my passion. My biggest dream was to start my own yarn line where I decide the quality and colours. While I was looking for opportunities on the internet, I discovered that apparently a lot of yarn is destroyed because of overproduction etc. This made me so sad that instead of producing more yarn, I decided to make a collection in my webshop where you can buy this yarn.
This means that you can buy cheap, high quality yarn and at the same time do something good for the environment.


Gry Krøjer Persson, Inhaberin Save the Yarn - byKrøjer
Gry Krøjer Persson Owner of Save the Yarn – byKrøjer

Do you knit or crochet?

I crochet!

Though I’m rather new in crocheting myself. But I come from a proud knitting family. The grandmothers lined up every time a child was born into the family, to knit beanie, baby blankets, blouses and so on.

After a long period of stress, I decided to have my mom teach me to crochet. She supplied me with the yarn and hook, and then she taught me the first stiches. Trust me, it took a lot of patience, from both sides.

Quickly my love for yarn developed, and the curiosity of designing my own clothes started. And here I am today. If you are like me, go with the dreams of taking on a new hobby, why don’t let it be crochet? Or you have the love for yarn like I do, then take a look at my projects and shop.