100% Hemp – 1kg Cone – Dark Grey


Are you looking for a natural yarn? Then this might be for you. It’s a strong and strong hemp yarn. At the same time it is a light and firm yarn.

It will be great for projects where you would otherwise use cotton yarn, for example. The difference here, however, is that you get a yarn with a beautiful, subtle shine and with a very high tensile strength. The latter makes it a really good knitting or crochet yarn for shopping nets and plant hangings, for example. You can also use it for light summer blouses and sweaters.


  • Recommended needle size: 3.5-4 mm for knitting and 3.5-4 mm for crochet.
  • The yarn must be washed by hand and laid flat to dry.
  • The yarn comes on a Cone of 1kg.
  • 50 g = 160 m


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