Merino 75% & Angora 25% – Min. 75g, Bright Yellow


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75% Merino & 25% Angora, 210g.

Soft Merino Angora blend. The yarn is suitable for various garments such as beanies, blouses, shawls, and even baby blankets.

This yarn is part of our Save the Yarn collection. This could mean you will find a limited number of colours and increased risk of sold out on specific yarns and colours. On the other hand, you get at really top-quality yarn to a very favourable price. So, remember to strike when you find something you like.


  • Recommended needle size: 3-4 mm for knitting and 4 mm for crochet.
  • The yarn must be washed by hand and laid flat to dry.
  • The yarn comes in “cakes” of Min. 75g.
  • 50 g = 250 m


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