100% Merino Soft Wool, 100g, Blue


A incredibly soft yarn made from 100% Merino. The yarn is brushed and has a slightly furry look. The yarn is 2-ply and very thin. You can use multiple strands but also one strand at a time.


  • Recommended needle size: 3-3.5 mm for knitting and 2-3 mm for crochet.
  • The yarn must be washed by hand and laid flat to dry.
  • The yarn comes in skeins of 100 g.
  • 50 g = 325 m


Gauge Swatch(10 x 10 Cm)

1 Thread using 2.5mm needle. 
27 Sts
43 Rows

2 Threads using 3.5mm needle. 
22 Sts
35 Rows

3 Threads using 5mm needle. 
18 Sts
27 Rows


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