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is a small webshop, located in Switzerland, selling exclusively sustainable yarn. What makes the yarn extra sustainable is that it is a surplus product from the textile industry. This also means that the yarn you will find here you cant find anywhere else.

The yarn you find at Save the Yarn. You won’t find it anywhere else, as it’s all from surplus or overproduction from the textile industry. You also can’t be sure of reordering.

Spring Knitting

Ella shirt by Le Knit, in our 50% Mohair & 50% Linen. Available in three colours.

Rigmor Tee from Petiteknit in our 100% Hemp. Available in four colours.

Flea Market

Do you need yarn for a stripe, yarn you have previously bought here, or just less than the 100g we usually sell our skeins in. So have a look at our Flea Market.

70% Alpaca & 30% Merino

Have you seen our new Wool. It’s a really nice mix of Alpaca and Merino, and comes in several Gorgeous colour combinations.

The yarn is perfect for e.g. Sunday sweater or the Balloon Jacket from Petiteknit.

Swiss Yarn Festival 2023

I am proud to announce that we are coming to the Swiss Yarn Festival 2023.

Suspiria Shawl by Soraya @yedraknits

Join this year’s Swiss Yarn Festival KAL with yarn from Save the Yarn.

Save the Yarn Suspiria Shawl Kits

In the category One of a Kind you will find yarns that only come in one colour. It can be all types of quality; wool, cotton, silk & blends.

Take a look!


Free shipment for purchases over 120CHF.

We ship by a-post (9chf) with swisspost.

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